If you already a coach then our revised programme is for you. Please see details below. If you would like to find out more information and / or enrol please use the contact form below and we will get right back to you.


The revised training pathway:

The programme will be available in three standalone sections as below. Participants may take the sections on a standalone basis but they must be taken in order shown below.


4 core module plus 1 specialised module*. Learning is self-directed and self-paced, accessed through our online learning academy. Validation of learning progress is provided by integrated multiple choice questions integrated into the learning process.


Total learning hours: 40


Duration: Completion time 8 weeks based on average 5 hrs engagement a week.

*  Please note that the first available specialisation module is SBMA, Substance and Behaviour Misuse and Addiction, the next available will be Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Management; then Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health


Knowledge and Skills Integration

10 live learning masterclasses with skills practice of 2 hours each


Total learning hours: 20


Required practice coaching hours for completion:  20 hours


Duration: Over 12-week period


Practice, Supervision and Certification

12 online live group supervision masterclasses of 2 hours each: 24 hours

12 online facilitated skills practice learning labs of 2 hours each:  24

Case study and reflective practice: 12 hours.


Total learning hours: 60


Required coaching hours for completion: 60 hours


Duration: Over 24-week period


Total learning hours all sections:  120


Total required practice coaching: 80 hours

Completion certificates:

Completion certificates are given per section to all participants who complete the requirement of each section.

Programme availability:

  • Section 1 is available for enrolment at any time.
  • Sections 2 & 3, Knowledge and Skills Integration are scheduled once we have a minimum of 9 participants enrolled

Programme Cost:

Costs for the training section will be published in April 2017 

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