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LIGHT RED CIRCLE  Membership includes



Our 6 part training programme which includes 1 speciality of your choice and face to face days.

Certification and Credentialing (when you are ready and qualify)

On-going training and support

Increase your offering

Participate in our International Conference ( Nov 2105)



Monthly calls around Support and Supervision

Personal Program Mentor

Credentialing Assistance



Opportunity for Partnership

We know the pain points

Passive income

Increase your client base



Research data from the field



Linkedin Group

Membership cost


One full year training membership for professional including all benefits  $4,799

Payment options

Payment in full $4,299 with 10% discount            paypal-button-image-e1362468738704

3 payments of $1,699                                             paypal-button-image-e1362468738704

 Additional payment plans available. Please ask

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GREEN How Sustainable is this coaching business opportunity?

The facts are compelling. The potential for coaching to make a difference in the healthcare field is literally astonishing when you look at the data.
It dwarfs the current levels of business and life coaching for one simple reason. All organisations, corporations and communities are facing severe health challenges that are growing. Recovery and Wellness Coaching skills linked to technology tools are well positioned to support all sectors to assist their workforces, members and communities.


“With ballooning healthcare budgets and growing costs for businesses the need is growing all the time for effective ways to support people in changing their behaviours, lives and health outcomes. Coaching has a huge role to play in this next generation of change in how people live.”


We supply the quality training, the cutting edge tools, the passionate community, and the insightful support so you can go out and continue to sustainably prosper and positively make a difference to people lives….


“Our mission by 2020 is to develop a worldwide community of 100,000 Recovery and Wellness Coaches & Associated Practitioners
supporting individuals, organisations, businesses and communities in their Recovery and Wellness”
Anthony Eldridge-Rogers – founder FRC International