We run three key workshops for organisations:

BLUE CIRCLEWellness and Recovery Coaching for Organisations

1 Day

Our active learning workshop shows how Recovery and Wellness Coaching can leverage programmes to improve prevention and recovery from healthcare challenges. The day includes an overview of our approach to Diabetes recovery and its associated health contexts.

Training is suitable for: Organisational Managers, HR, Business Owners, Co Directors, Service Managers, and Healthcare Programme Managers

LIGHT RED CIRCLEEssentials of Recovery & Wellness Coaching

2 Days

This training is suitable for teams of practitioners across a number of disciplines and is designed to introduce participants to the key contexts and application of Recovery & Wellness Coaching. How it can be integrated into working with individuals, family systems and other disciplines.

Training is suitable for: Coaches, Counsellors, Therapists, Psychologists, Service Managers, Social Workers, Holistic Practitioners, other Healthcare Professionals and Physicians

DARK BLUEOrganisational Wellness and Performance

1 Day

The core focus of this workshop is on the business case for developing and maintaining a well workforce. How it can be integrated into organisational capacity and actualise engagement, resilience and profitability.

The training is delivered in an interactive learning environment with case study presentations to link ideas and actual application.

Training is suitable for: Organisational Managers, HR, Business Owners, Directors, Service Managers