Our Specialities

All Recovery and Wellness Coaches will have an inclination to work with clients within certain types of healthcare challenges.
There are specific contexts for different kinds of healthcare challenges while also universal considerations and themes that apply to them all.
We integrate the specific healthcare challenges through speciality modules that allow a focus for coaches. Coaches may acquire proficiency in as many of these speciality modules as they wish.

With our new revised programme the following speciality modules will be available on the following schedule.


Substance / Behaviour Misuse & Addiction Recovery Coaching.

Covers Alcohol use, drugs, both prescription and illicit, gambling, pornography misuse, ( excludes eating issues and disorders ).The use of substances and behaviours is a complex subject. This module gives the required overview of the development of the condition of dependency to addiction, the approaches and thinking about treatment and recovery and the key issues that are unique to working with people within this speciality. Coaching approaches and concepts are integrated against this background to produce a specific set of competencies. More


Diabetes Coaching focuses on working as a coach with clients who are diabetic / pre diabetic and looking to develop and build their recovery to wellness. The module focuses on the knowledge that coaches need to have about the development of diabetes, treatment and management approaches. It integrates the coaching skill set and principles to build coaching confidence and effectiveness with a focus on how to develop client ‘compliance’ with beneficial recovery programmes
Weight, Obesity and Eating Recovery and Wellness Coaching

Food, our relationship to it is a complex area. This module focuses on working with people to meet their challenges across a range of contexts from reducing weight to recovery from eating disorders.
Focuses on the process of weight management including weight loss, weight gain and weight management and includes obesity challenges.  Also covers eating challenges such as Anorexia, Bulimia and diabetes

The module grounds coaches is the overall approaches to eating disorders and treatment modalities and where coaching fits within the recovery to wellness process.

Mental Health Coaching

This module outlines the main types of mental health challenges, treatment approaches and contexts. It shows the overlap with other specialities such as substance and behaviour misuse and Veteran/PTSD. It places the recovery to wellness coaching approaches into the context with working with people who are in a recovery from a mental health challenge.


Hypertension Coaching

Hypertension coaching focuses on this widespread condition and clusters with other healthcare challenges.This module  provides the context and information that coaches need when working to assist people with hypertension to manage and improve their condition. Focusing on the modalities of treatment , development of the condition and pathways for improvement the module integrates the coaching approaches and considerations required to effectively work in this area.


Cancer Recovery to Wellness Coaching

The stress and impact that individuals need to meet the challenge of cancer requires a suitable supportive environment.
Cancer recovery and coaching works to support cancer sufferers and their families in a unique way. Coaches can be a powerful and effective way to assist people to manage the recovery process.
This module provides an overview of the varieties of cancers, treatment modalities, ethics issues and the questions of choice.
This is integrated into a multi skills coaching approach to coaching people experiencing cancer whatever the life impact outcome is.


Veteran PTSD Recovery Coaching

The Veteran / PTSD Coaching Speciality focuses on working as a coach to with veterans of the armed forces.
They are looking to develop and re build their lives and may be facing a number of challenges.
The module focuses on the knowledge that coaches need to have about the impact and experience of PTSD within the context of armed force services, its treatment and management approaches.
It integrates the recovery and coaching  skill set and principles to build coaching confidence and effectiveness as well as integrating other speciality factors such as substance misuse.


Gambling and Risk Taking Coaching

This module focuses on people who are unable to manage risk taking and gambling. The module provides the required information about gambling itself in respect to behaviour and places it within a recovery process context.
Gambling dependency and addiction shares many characteristics with other behavioural dependencies.  This module highlights these similarities and also sets out the unique aspects of the challenge. Coaching skills are contextualised within this to provide a clear approach for coaches