How is it different?

Coaching is not the same as other assisting professions although it is complementary.

  • Coaching is not a treatment.

  • It is based on the wellness model that ìs focused on an individuals assets and capabilities rather than looking for where they are incapable

  • Whilst medical treatment and support is a desirable and necessary component of dealing with a healthcare challenge it is only part of a recovery process. The recovery process is what coaching focuses on.

  • Similarly when an individual is seeking to improve their wellness and performance so the key drivers of success in this come from the individual themselves. Their attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, emotional intelligence, their thinking resources and their willingness to change and grow. It is these aspects that coaching focuses on.

  • It is this integrated approach to building recovery and wellness based on a persons own strengths that Recovery and Wellness Coaches are trained to do.

  • Recovery and Wellness Coaches are able to work with you to build on your capacity to change aspects of your life and behaviour that you want to change.